Larimar Cabachon Gemstones 53ct.

Larimar Cabachon Gemstones 53ct.

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Item Code: LAR004
Metric Dimensions: h: 13 -24 mm
Weight: 53 Carats (10.6 grams)

Unique Qualities

This amazing group of 6 Larimar stones from the Dominican Republic and wight a total of 45 carats. Comprised of different unique shapes, Cabochons are an artisan jeweler’s delight! Swirls of blue hues to dance on the surface of this wondrous natural stone. These lovely precious stones are a true treasure.

Larimar is known for its powerful vibes to enhance communication with human beings as well as animals, to balance all chakras and to grace the beholder with pure energies of love, peace and serenity.

Larimar is a rare blue colored variety of the silicate mineral called Pectolite with the Dominican Republic its only known origin on earth. Its colors vary from light powder blue and white to deeper shades of turquoise blue. Larimar is strongly connected with the element of water. 

It can help to clear emotional blockages, let go of old pains and balance the emotional body.

Larimar Gemstone Properties