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Moldavite Metaphysics

Gemstones, crystals and the inert rocks of nature have held an important place in all ancient cultures across the world. Even today, we are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per carat for a genuine Tanzanite compared to a few dollars per carat for the synthetic version. Is this only because of its rarity and beauty or is there something more innate, magical and indescribable that gives real gems their intrinsic value?

Moldavite, unlike other gemstones, did not grow beneath the earth but was formed here in a massive celestial event. From the devastating destruction of an astroid impact equivalent to the force of  6 trillion megatons, Moldavite was born. A fusion of space, an earth, an example of how the touch of nature can transform and create new substances in an instant.

Moldavite Power

Is Moldavite the Stone of the Grail?

Moldavite Science

Learn about Moldavite's history, its physical composition and details on how it was formed.

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What is Activated Moldavite?

Discover how Arkadia awakens the healing potential of Moldavite with a unique activation process.

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What is Moldavite?

Discover the cosmic origin of Moldavite and why this rare stone is desired around the world! 

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