Our Story

Welcome to Arkadia. We’re Jacob & Katy Sawyer, husband and wife team and co-founders of Arkadia Designs. We’ve been working with gemstones and designing jewelry pretty much our entire adult lives. As a child, I remember digging through muddy streams on hot summer days, collecting rocks and searching for “gems”. Starting a business working with stones couldn’t have been a better fit!

Our first love was Moldavite. In 1999, Katy and I moved to Europe from the United States in search of adventures and to create a new life for ourselves. My father David, a lover of crystals and gems, sent me a little envelope from the States with my first Moldavite. He gave me the initial idea to set off for Czech and thus the adventure began. Armed with my little green stone, I travelled to southern Bohemia to search out direct sources for this mysterious green tektite.

It was a bonanza time for Moldavite and huge finds were coming out of Slavce, one of the richest localities in Moldavite’s history. We began to supply Moldavite to galleries, crystal shops and jewelry stores in the United States and the U.K. The variety and quantity of Moldavites available in those early days was mind boggling. Since that time it has become increasingly rare and many of these famed localities are completely extinct.

After working with the stone for a few years, it was a natural progression to began making our own bespoke gemstone jewelry. In 2000 we made our first jewelry collection, almost all with Moldavite and exclusively in 14 kt Gold. Later, in 2004 we started our first jewelry workshop in Krakow, Poland, where we began manufacturing one of a kind gem creations in sterling silver.

The concept of our designs is to allow the gems to speak for themselves. We like to use a variety of exotic gemstones, raw crystals and natural minerals in simple designs with attention to detail. In an age of mass production and increased centralization of consumer goods, we decided to take the opposite approach. All of our pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind. We work with individual artists, lapidary workshops and independent gem mines around the world to bring you the highest quality product at the most affordable cost. We create unique jewelry for unique individuals.

You can find Arkadia jewelry and stones throughout the United States and the U.K. in crystal shops near you! Arkadia has been proudly supplying our customers with genuine one of a kind gem creations going on twenty years. If you’d like to enquire if we supply a shop near you, just ask!

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