Customer Testimonials

The Moldavite I bought was a gift

Investor Grade Moldavite stone 

The Moldavite I bought was a gift for someone special who has been looking for authentic Moldavite for a long time..

My husband was thrilled with his gift

Citrine & Moldavite custom artisan pendant

I purchased a pendant for my husband for Christmas He does not usually wear jewelry but moldavite is a stone...

The perfect gift!

Labradorite faceted gemstone

I recently purchased this stone for a friend of mine.  It was his first piece of moldavite! 

My Piece was in perfect shape and beautiful

Poison green Moldavite stone

Great service and product was exactly as ordered. Again thank you.

What a surprise!
Pink Tourmaline, Moldavite & Amethyst gem pendant
What a surprise! I own a raw Moldavite previously from another company but there is no comparison at all to Arkadia Moldavite..
The artistry is exquisite

Pink Tourmaline & Moldavite silver necklace

Hi, I would like to say "thank you" for the beautiful necklace that I recently purchased for a friend. The artistry is exquisite...

Its Amazing!

Museum Grade Moldavite Stone

Just want to say thanks for the moldavite, its amazing I'm looking forward to working with it...

I just received my pendant

Moldavite & Kyanite artisan pendant

The silver workmanship is impressive! So glad I found your site!

It is exquisite!

Kunzite & Pink Tourmaline crystal pendant

I just receive my order today and it is exquisite!  Bought it for a friend in work and I know she'll just love it!  

I could feel its healing energy immediately

Deeply etched AAA grade Moldavite

Thank you so much for this beautiful piece of Moldavite.

I love my Moldavite & Herkimer Diamond pendant!
Moldavite & Herkimer Diamond pendant
I wear it every day over or under garments. Thank you for your prompt and wonderful service...
I recently bought two pendants
Citrine & Moldavite Pendant, Moldavite & Larimar Pendant
We are both very happy with our beautiful new pendants and can feel the good vibes from them.
I would like to pass on my gratitude

 Elestial Crystal Pendant

 I usually do not purchase crystals online however I was so drawn to my elestial crystal pendant...

Beautiful Piece
Raw museum grade Moldavite AAA stone
I received it yesterday and I must say this is the most wonderful piece of Moldavite I have ever seen...
The pendant radiates such beautiful energy

Kyanite & Green Tourmaline crystal pendant

I just received my kyanite and tourmaline pendant--it's so incredibly lovely!

I commend you on the beautiful craftsmanship
 Moldavite & Tanzanite Ring
My ring arrived safe and sound and I absolutely love it. I don't like taking it off! You have made this purchase...
Great service & fast delivery
Raw Museum Grade Moldavite 
Dear Katy & Jacob, Thank you so much for the great service and fast delivery. 
In gratitude...
Beautifully cut gemstone
 Kyanite, Moss Agate & Green Tourmaline Crystal Pendant
I just would like to thank you for a beautifully cut gemstone that looks absolutely divine...
I LOVE it! It's so beautiful
Natural pink Kunzite crystal pendant
I received the Kunzite pendant in the mail today and LOVE it!  It's so beautiful. Thank you for answering my questions...