Born of the Stars

Genuine Moldavite

Discover the cosmic origin story of Moldavite & why this rare green tektite is a unique gift to the world!

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a mysterious green glassy stone of cosmic origin which can only be found in the Czech Republic. It was virtually unknown in the gem world a few decades ago. Now, as it becomes increasingly more rare, it is sought after around the world.

Formed millions of years ago through a devastating astroid impact, they are far more rare than diamonds. These cosmic stones come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and textures. The colors vary from forest and golden greens, to brown and the rare emerald "poison" green.

Since their rise in popularity in the late 90’s, most of the commercial deposits of Moldavite have been mined out. As the demand grows and supply dwindles, the usual fake synthetic moldavite from China have inundated the market. This is a travesty for those looking for the real deal. 

Keep reading to learn the story of Moldavite, how to identify it and deepen your understanding of this gift from the stars.

Raw, faceted & carved genuine Moldavites

The Origin of Moldavite

Raw Moldavite freshly dug in Czechia
raw moldavite, libyan desert glass, indochinite tektites

What are Tektites?

Moldavite Knowledge

Real vs Fake Moldavite

Discover the difference between genuine Moldavite and counterfeit green glass scams.

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Moldavite Metaphysics

The stone of Alchemy, born of the stars. Moldavite has a reputation as one of the most powerful stones in the gem kingdom. Disover why! 

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Moldavite Science

Learn about Moldavite's history, its physical composition and details on how it was formed.

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