Beautiful Piece

Raw museum grade Moldavite AAA stone
I received it yesterday and I must say this is the most wonderful piece of Moldavite I have ever seen. I knew from the very moment I saw the video this was meant for you said earlier. I am IN LOVE with her.I have to tell you...I meditated with it last night...It seems to have a higher vibration energy than all my other pieces. None of my other pieces vibrated for me but this one DID!

I have to admit I may sound crazy but while meditating in bed in the dark... I kind of instinctual knew where to hold it on my body and I felt electricity/warmth vibration shooting through my spinal cord and hands and a healing of some kind.When placing this on my third eye I saw something I never saw before...was a Pineal shaped colored light or flame. The outside of the flame was green then blue then violet then in the middle was white light.I am so happy and grateful to you for bringing this stone to my attention. Thank you so much.

The color is BRIGHT clear blue green in the Georgia sunlight and is EXACTLY what I dreamed of. The shape is wonderful to hold and place my thumb on.

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