Rainbow Moonstone Ring Size 7

Rainbow Moonstone Ring Size 7

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Size: 7 US
Weight: 35 Carats (7 grams)

Unique Qualities
This celestial Blue Moonstone Silver ring is a Goddess. Moonstone is though to carry very feminine, purifying, uplifting energies as well as calming and balancing vibes, beautifully set to grace your life. Wear this delightful ring and find yourself experiencing enhanced clarity and reduced levels of emotional stress. A wonder to behold, this jewel will be a true blessing for many years to come.

Moonstone is a name which encompasses both true moonstone, a potassium feldspar, and Rainbow Moonstone which is actually a variety of labradorite. The name Moonstone is born from its visual effect, called schiller or adularescence. Moonstone embodies the mystical inner-world of the night and light of the moon.

Moonstone Gemstone Properties