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Smoky Quartz Origin & Physical Properties

Smoky Quartz is the name given to to Quartz crystals that are transparent to translucent with a smoky brown to grey color, sometimes yellowish-brown and less often nearly black. They form as crystals, druzy and in massive rock form. The colors are caused by natural irradiation that occurred after their formation and traces of aluminum that replaced silicon molecules within the crystal lattice. Smoky Quartz can only form in temperatures below 50 C, thus this process happened after the formation of the crystals, taking millions of years more of exposure to elevated levels of exposure to radiation from the host rocks where they occur.

Smoky Quartz is dichroic, meaning it shows a change of color from a yellow-brown to reddish brown when the two axis’s are exposed to a polarized light. Smoky Quartz is sometimes produced artificially by irradiating clear quartz with gamma rays. These artificially colored crystals often appear a more uniform darker color.

Some valuable varieties of Smoky Quartz include Brandberg Smoky Quartz from Namibia, which often merge with Amethyst colors, exhibit Skeletal growth patterns and contain enhydro pockets, phantoms and other rare formations.  Smoky Citrine Quartz is a variety of natural Citrine which usually occurs in a deep brown golden color, often with color banding. Morion, which is a more rare dark brown to black variety of Smoky Quartz which often occurs together with Dolomite.




 Chemical Composition


 Mohs Hardness 




 Specific Gravity  2.65
Refractive Index  1.54-1.55

Dichroic: yellow-brown to lighter red-brown

 Crystal System





 Light yellowish brown to dark smoky grey, black


Brazil, India, Australia, Africa, U.S.A.


Root (1st), Crown (7th)


Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio



 Metaphysical Effects

Protection, Meditation, Transformation, Confidence, Manifestation, Grounding

Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

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Smoky Quartz History & Mythology