Brandberg amethyst quartz crystal metaphysical properties healing meaning

Crystals of Fire mountain


Brandberg Quartz Origin & Physical Properties

Brandberg Quartz is a special variety of Quartz crystals that are from the Brandberg Mountain region of Namibia. Commonly, Brandberg crystal exhibit a blend of clear, smokey and amethyst in the same specimen. The crystals can have strong color zoning, phantoms, enhydro liquid inclusions, double terminations and sometimes elestial crystal texture. Brandberg Mountain at 2,573 meters, is the highest mountain in Namibia. Most of the crystals are found in the nearby Goboboseb mountains about 35 km west of the Brandberg summit.

The crystals can range from clear quartz with double terminations to deep violet amethysts with smokey quartz color tones. Crystals often contain red flecks of Lepidocrocite & Goethite inclusions. Brandbergs can have sparkling mirror luster,  and water-clarity or they can be heavily included with complex “inner worlds.” Often the base of the crystals will be milky and only slightly transparent with bits of matrix attached. Brandberg, Namibia is one of the most recognized unique localities for Quartz and as its fame continues to grow prices for quality specimens are likely to increase.

Category Properties

Chemical Composition


Mohs Hardness 




Specific Gravity

2.6 - 2.7

Refractive Index

1.544 to 1.553


Weak; bluish 

Crystal System



Transparent to translucent


Clear, light to dark smoky, Purple amethyst


Brandberg, Namibia


Crown (7th)




Wind, air

Metaphysical Effects

Infinite Compassion, harmony, adaptability, emotional health, deep soul healing, forgiveness

Brandberg Quartz Healing & Metaphysical Properties

Brandberg amethyst quartz crystal metaphysical properties healing meaning

Brandberg Quartz History & Mythology

Amethysts have been embraced by many cultures and have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to around 3,000 B.C. Many of the ancient attributes given to Amethyst are still recognized today in metaphysics. It is believed to be a stone of spiritual and physical protection, aiding in the purification of the body and aura and enhancing one’s devotion and connection to the Divine.

The name Amethyst comes from the Greek amethustos, meaning ‘not drunken’. In Greek mythology it is the goddess Diana who saved the beautiful maiden Amethyst from cruel death at the hands of the wine god Dionysius’ tigers by transforming her into a large clear crystal. Dionysius, upon realizing his cruelty and becoming remorseful, accidentally spilt wine over the crystal, upon which it changed its color to purple. It was believed in Roman times that wearing an Amethyst would prevent one from becoming drunk and Amethyst crystals and gemstones are often worn for protection today.

Catherine the Great had a great love for Amethyst and sent thousands of workers to find the best specimens in the Urals, and Cleopatra had a beautiful Amethyst ring accredited with the power to lure the attentions of Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius.

Throughout history Amethysts have always been greatly prized by the powerful and wealthy, however, with the large deposits found in Brazil making its availability quite common, the price of this fabulous crystal has become much more affordable in modern times.