Warning: Fake Moldavite is Flooding the Market

This is an update on the alarming amount of fake Moldavites that are flooding the marketplace since the dramatic price increase over the past two years. 

Over on Etsy for example, before the pandemic, the majority of Moldavites available were still real. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. For many years Ebay has been flooded with fake Moldavites but real Moldavites were still readily available on other marketplaces. 

It appears many of these dealers are aware their Moldavite is fake. They show group photos of real Moldavites, cleverly mixed with photos of single fake Moldavites. The listings rarely show the specific stone you will receive, instead, only listing a general weight range. 


Along with the more obvious bright shiny glass we've been seeing for years, the more convincing fake Moldavites have a matte surface, imitating the surface texture of lower quality Moldavites found in fields. 

Typical shiny fake Moldavites formed in molds from China:

fake shiny Moldavites
More convincing counterfeit fake Moldavite with matte texture:

What I find the most frustrating, is that thousands of customers are being ripped off by these unscrupulous or simply uneducated dealers who themselves have been fooled by their suppliers. 

Here's an example of a 5 star review by an unsuspecting customer: 

"Comes with certificate with picture. Bought 6, all different personalities! Tons of energy! Love!"

Fake Moldavite wire-wrap pendant:

Sure, many of us feel vibes from Moldavite and there are countless anecdotes of peoples metaphysical experiences. But there are also tons of people who want to get "a good deal" and are desperate to convince themselves they weren't just ripped off and taken the fool. Placebo effect is real and the numerous reviews on these fake Moldavite sellers profiles are the proof. 

What are the top warning signs that the seller maybe selling counterfeit fake Moldavite?

1.) Price! All of the dealers I have seen selling fake stones use their low price points to entice new customers. Real Moldavite for $5 per gram! Not possible.  You will simply not find a real Moldavite for anything less than $25 per gram, and this price should be for a stone of low quality. Normal prices for genuine Moldavite are now ranging from $30 to $50 and much more for larger stones of collector's grade. 

2.) Group photos of genuine Moldavite with no specifics corresponding to the weight range of stone you will be receiving. Anyone can post photos of beautiful authentic Moldavite weighing over 10 grams and then list products with completely different specifications. 

3.) No variation in texture. If the seller does post photos of the fake Moldavites, they will be lacking in variation of texture. They will either all be incredibly shiny and transparent, with bright colors, or they will have a matte texture with no discernible etching. Real Moldavites vary from stone to stone. They vary in shape, color, texture and luster. 

If you have doubts whether the Moldavite you purchased is real, you can reach out to us with detailed photos and we will provide our professional opinion free of charge. I also recommend the Facebook group we host called 'Moldavite Tribe' We have 10,000 members, most of whom are avid collectors with an eye for the real deal. You can quickly get opinions as to the authenticity of your stone. 

There is no silver bullet to identify real Moldavite. The best is simply experience. For those of us who have held thousands of real stones, even the convincing fakes stand out like a sore thumb. Please only buy from genuine dealers who have a good standing and provide accountability for their products. A certificate of authenticity is simply not enough. 

We have begun to video all of Moldavites we sell in order to provide a detailed 365 degree view of the exact stone you will receive. 

Genuine Moldavite stones 

Genuine Moldavite jewelry

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