Arkadia Moldavite Video mashup of Cosmic Gem Specimens

Video: Dozens of Moldavites

We've created a "mash-up" video of dozens of Arkadia Moldavite specimens from over the years. These extraterrestrial gems, which are mostly sold products, were filmed professionally by the Arkadia team and published here on our website.

We decided to do this video to show people the wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures this gem exists in - each one totally unique. Many of our current product selections also have videos available, so be sure to check for them on each product page you view.

Arkadia Activated Moldavite

Arkadia offers a beautiful selection of handmade Moldavite Jewelry and premium quality Authentic Moldavite Stones to customers worldwide. In over twenty years of business, we've touched people around the globe with our unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry and activated gems.

We specialize in setting Activated Moldavite into stunning jewelry pieces, all of which are truly individual.


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