What a surprise!

Pink Tourmaline, Moldavite & Amethyst gem pendant
What a surprise! I own a raw Moldavite previously from another company but there is no comparison at all to Arkadia Moldavite. I don't order my Moldavite from the previous company anymore after experiencing your Moldavite.

I had read about experiences of energy with Moldavite but - with the stones I already owned - I never experienced any energy. Upon arrival of my Moldavite necklace from Arkadian and opening the package, the first contact with my new Moldavite, I experienced, and no joke I felt a huge powerful WAVE BLAST of energy flush throughout all of my body. All I could say was WOW!

True proof of the genuineness of their stones. Oh my, I am so pleased and wear my necklace 24/7.

Gloria Lee


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