The artistry is exquisite

Pink Tourmaline & Moldavite silver necklace

Hi, I would like to say "thank you" for the beautiful necklace that I recently purchased for a friend. The artistry is exquisite. My friend absolutely loves it. She says it has wonderful energy and that the design reminds her of a little angel...thank you so much.
So, there you go, you can be sure this little necklace will be loved, cherished, and appreciated for a long time.
I had not purchased jewelry over the internet before. After looking at several other sites I found yours really stood out to me... Your designs, your ethics, your story, and the fluid working website all attributed to my choice of purchasing from you. And I was thrilled when I received the necklace to see that it was the exact one from the picture on your site.
A sincere "thank you" for making the purchasing experience enjoyable, and from my friend who absolutely loves this beautiful piece of artistry that she can now wear.


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