Tanzanite & Amethyst Beaded 925 Silver Earrings

Tanzanite & Amethyst Beaded 925 Silver Earrings

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Item Code: SE233
Metric Dimensions: 72 x 12 x 7mm
Imperial Dimensions: 2 4/5” x ½” x ¼”
Weight: 25 Carats (5.02 grams)

Unique Qualities

These amazing One-of-a-Kind Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings are Handmade with love. Featuring a cascade of Apatite, Tanzanite, and Amethyst Beads, these stunning and original 25 Carat Designs sparkle with joy and delight! This combination of precious Gemstones helps one to attune with the energy of the Heart Chakra and heighten intuitive foresight. A great combination for balancing the Heart and Mind.

A purple variety of Quartz, Amethyst is a gem of royalty, associated with the Crown chakra. It strengthens one's intuition and helps to quiet the mind. Amethyst is a synergy of the red and blue spectrums of light, combining the grounding, passionate energy of red with the expanding, mystical energy of blue.

Amethyst Gemstone Properties

Apatite is a phosphate mineral which forms in tabular, prismatic hexagonal crystals. Gem quality crystals range from electric blue and indigo to bright yellows and greens. Blue Apatite helps to rase the kundalini energy and revitalizes the third-eye and throat chakras. Yellow Apatite stimulates, the solar plexus chakra, awakening will-power, a sense of optimism and belief.


Tanzanite is a rare form of blue to violet variety of Zoisite. It is a calcium aluminum silicate with trace amounts of Vanadium that cause the blue to violet color. Tanzanite is a pleochroic gemstone with some crystals being strongly trichroic. The gemstone name comes from its only known source on the planet, Tanzania. 

Tanzanite is a powerful stone for meditation and exploring the higher realms of our consciousness. 

Tanzanite Gemstone Properties