Real Czech Moldavite Pendant
Real Czech Moldavite Pendant
Real Czech Moldavite Pendant
Real Czech Moldavite Pendant

Real Czech Moldavite Pendant

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Item Code: SW967
Metric Dimensions: 36 x 17 x 10 mm
Imperial Dimensions: 1 ⅜”  x ⅝” x ⅜”  
Weight: 33 Carats (6.4 grams)

Unique Qualities

This one of a kind genuine Moldavite Pendant is set in a simply gorgeous Sterling Silver bezel setting. Polished by hand, this wondrous tektite is naturally pocketed with amazing molten markings from it’s fiery formation over 15 million years ago which show through the polished surface. Hand sourced in Czech ad handcrafted into this stunning Pendant, this jewelry is genuine and original. Moldavite is a mysterious gemstone which arrived when a huge meteoritic event collided with our Earth in the Czech region. It is known throughout the metaphysical healing world as a powerful catalyst for positive change and spiritual upliftment. Wearing Moldavite, when connected with the stone, has been known to help connect one to their inner Mystic and deepen one’s commitment to spiritual goals. (Chain sold separately)

Moldavite was formed during a celestial event some 15 million years ago. A huge astroid estimated to be around 1 km in diameter struck southern Germany and formed what is today known as Ries Crater. Moldavite is known as the stone of transformation, a catalyst to inspire positive change and elevate one’s consciousness.

Moldavite Gemstone Properties