Peridot & Citrine Bead Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings

Peridot & Citrine Bead Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings

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Item Code: SE234
Metric Dimensions: 55 x 21 x 9mm
Imperial Dimensions: 2 1/8” x 4/5” x 1/3”
Weight: 44 Carats (8.64 grams)

Unique Qualities

These intricately handcrafted Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings sparkle with gorgeous Peridot and Citrine crystal beads. Shaped in a beautiful flower pattern design, these Artisan 44 Carat creations are visual delights! The combination of these two lovely Gemstones is said to bring prosperity and joy! Genuine one-of-a-Kind Crystal Earrings!

Citrine is a pale yellow to deep golden variety of quartz which color is caused by oxidized iron within its atomic structure. The name Citrine, comes from the Greek word ‘citron’, meaning lemon. Citrine quartz carries the energy of the sun and its solar energy is warming, energizing and joyful.

Citrine Gemstone Properties

Peridot is a green gem quality variety of Olivine. It is a magnesium-rich silicate mineral that consists of olivine, silicate, magnesium and iron. Peridot is one of only two gems on the planet that forms in the molten rocks of the upper mantle rather than in the Earth’s crust. It is a gemstone born of fire and earth.

Peridot Gemstone Properties