Magnificent Aerodynamic Moldavite Drop 16.8g

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Item Code: IM058
Metric Dimensions: 54 x 24 x 13 mm
Imperial Dimensions: 2 1/8" x 1" x 1/2"
Weight: 84.4 Carats (16.89 grams)

Unique Qualities

Since we launched our exclusive Investor Grade Moldavite™ grade, we've been releasing some of the most beautiful Moldavites we have ever come across in fifteen years working with this stone. This particular stone is another magnificent example of a Moldavite specimen that ticks all the boxes discerning investors and collectors look for when purchasing a stone of the highest quality. Let's go through them...

The texture of this Moldavite stone is highly-varied - one side has rougher "skulptace" (the Czech adjective for what we might translate, by necessity, as a new word in English: "sculptation") which exhibits deeper pits and valleys with an overall feel of what water looks like when two rivers meet in a delta. The other side has a fine texture with vertical striations which look glacier-like. This kind of variety and quality are a rare combination. Additionally, the varied texture extends to the edges of this piece, with one edge prominently spiky and the other pleasingly smooth.

The hue of green this Moldavite gem possesses is divine, bright and very eye-catching. Its weight is well over three times the average! Finally, the overall shape is drop-like, a form that is highly-desirable as it harks back to the way many believe Moldavite was formed - as part of a cosmic event of epic proportion which caused these impact glass pieces to be flung into the upper atmosphere with amazing force, and rain down in what is now Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. This aerodynamic quality is sought after by those in the know, and valued highly among those who really know what Moldavite is.

Overall, this is a piece to be cherished both for its intrinsic beauty as well as great potential for increase in value in the coming years as Moldavite localities dry up and supply comes into question even as demand soars.