Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Ring Size 9 1/2

Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Ring Size 9 1/2

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Item Code: SR685
Size: 9 1/2 US
Inner Diameter: 19.3 mm
Weight: 33 Carats (8.8 grams)

Unique Qualities

A beautiful Herkimer Diamond ring with a precisely made full bevel setting is the basis for a uniquely elegant natural crystal look. This endearing crystal is from the Himalayan Mountains. The sterling silver ring is handcrafted and hand hammered with elegant scroll designs. Herkimer Diamonds emanate a bright crystal light that is purifying and stimulating to the third eye and crown chakra. A good stone for reaching high states of meditation, for lucid dream work, and in healing work where they bring in a high clear vibration.

A misnomer, Herkimer Diamonds are actually double-terminated quartz crystals, originally found in outcrops of dolomite in the area of Herkimer County, New York. Herkimer Diamonds are amongst the most treasured of crystals in the metaphysical world. Their clarity and purity of light act as energetic amplifiers.