Charoite Cabochon Gems 67ct.

Charoite Cabochon Gems 67ct.

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Item Code: CHA18
Metric Dimensions: 18 - 39 mm
Weight: 67 Carats (13.3 grams)

Unique Qualities

This beautiful set of 5 unique polished Charoite Cabochons are an artisan jeweler’s delight! Swirls of pink, black and purple seem to dance on the surface of this wondrous natural stone. Weighing together 67 carats these lovely precious stones are a true treasure.

Charoite is found in the Chara river in Russia. It is known as the stone of connection and is said to relieve feelings of isolation and alienation. It is used by crystal healers as a tool for soothing stormy and tumultuous emotions.

Charoite is a rare complex silicate mineral with interlocking patterns swirling purple and lilac colors. It was formed through an up flow of lava that fused with limestone, made up of up to a dozen elements in a complex silicate form.The violet color symbolize wisdom, higher awareness, creativity and sensitivity.