Carved Pink Tourmaline Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant

Carved Pink Tourmaline Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant

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Item Code: SP618
Metric Dimensions: 47 x 14 x 9mm
Imperial Dimensions: 1 4/5” x ½” x 1/3”
Weight: 31 Carats (6.10 grams)

Unique Qualities

This striking combination of rough and Hand Carved Tourmaline is Handcrafted with Sterling Silver to create an elegant 31 Carat Pendant. Gorgeously and harmoniously assembled, this delightful Jewelry is agelessly exquisite and designed to showcase the Natural beauty of these precious Gemstones. Pink Tourmaline or Rubellite is a wonderful Gemstone for getting in touch with the Heart Chakra and helping one to give and receive love. (Chain sold separately.)

Pink Tourmaline colors have a wide range, from light to darker pink, purplish-pink to peachy-pink color tones. Rubellite is a special variety of Pink Tourmaline that has a deep saturated pinkish-red to violet-red color. Nearly all Pink Tourmaline’s belong to the Elbaite species, the most dynamic species of Tourmaline. The pink to reddish color rays support energies of confidence, passion and commitment to your highest self.

Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstone Properties