8 Natural Raw Aquamarine & Yellow Beryl Crystals 49ct.

8 Natural Raw Aquamarine & Yellow Beryl Crystals 49ct.

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Item Code: AQ095
Length: 38 - 12mm
Weight: 49 Carats (9.8 grams)

Unique Qualities

A unique combination of 8 vivid blue Aquamarine crystals and beautiful Yellow Beryl specimens in their raw form from Nambia Africa. 

Aquamarine is believed to connect the emotional body with the intellect and provides clarity and insight and its vibrations will wash over you like a cool refreshing mountain spring. 

Aquamarine, “water of the sea”, is a transparent blue to bluish-green variety of Beryl, and the sibling of Emerald and Morganite. Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Aquamarine encourages one to keep calm, decisive, and strong under pressure. The most valuable gems have a deep-blue aqua color and eye-clean clarity.

Aquamarine Gemstone Properties