4 Genuine Moldavite Stones 9.1g

4 Genuine Moldavite Stones 9.1g


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Item Code: AA291
Metric Dimensions: h: 19 - 30 mm
Weight: 45 Carats ( 9.1 grams)

Unique Qualities

A unique opportunity to buy affordable medium sized genuine A grade Moldavite stones, undamaged and packed with vibrant activated Moldavite zing. These stones were mined from our own private locality and are of the highest quality. You can see from this assortment the variety of textures and shapes that make each Moldavite stone so unique. This is the perfect purchase for the discerning buyer looking for stones ideal for jewelry making, a thoughtful gift or simply an addition to one’s special crystal collection. The stones in this lot range from 3/4” to 1 1/4” in length.

Moldavite was formed during a celestial event some 15 million years ago. A huge astroid estimated to be around 1 km in diameter struck southern Germany and formed what is today known as Ries Crater. Moldavite is known as the stone of transformation, a catalyst to inspire positive change and elevate one’s consciousness.

Moldavite Gemstone Properties