3 Sapphire Blue Kyanite Cabochon Gems

3 Sapphire Blue Kyanite Cabochon Gems

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Metric Dimensions: h: 16 - 20 mm
Weight: 35.5 Carats ( 7.1 grams)

Unique Qualities

These beautiful sapphire blue Kyanite Gemstones are a trio of stunning Jewelry adornments with a combined weight of 35.5 Carats. Kyanite of this color and vibrancy is rarely found and is an eye catching addition for your handcrafted, artisan creations.

Polished with care, these lovely oval gemstones are an exquisite addition to any blue themed Jewelry. Kyanite is a semi-precious stone which is said to bring high vibration and awareness into one’s orbit.

Kyanite is a blue to cyan aluminosilicate which forms in triclinic bladed crystals. Kyanite is still relatively rare in the gem world and considered to be somewhat exotic. Kyanite is associated with the throat chakra and is an excellent tool for communication, and enhancing self-expression.

Kyanite Gemstone Properties